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The heritage of Columbia Engineering and Services, Inc., goes back to 1925  with the establishment of A.R. Abrams, Inc.,  located in West Palm Beach, Florida, by Alfred Abrams (1899-1979).

1927 | A.R. Abrams, Inc. was relocated to South Bend, Indiana where Mr. Abrams had attended Notre Dame University.

1940 | In advance of the southern building boom, Mr. Abrams moved the company to Atlanta, GA.

1963 | Columbia Engineering and Services, Inc. was created to provide engineering services for A.R. Abrams' sister companies.

1972 | A.R. Abrams, Inc. was renamed Abrams Industries and additional companies were added.

1982-1990 | Columbia Engineering began an external focus on expanding the client base to include companies and individuals who were not a part of the Abrams family of companies.

1990 | Abrams sold Columbia Engineering to Executive Vice President, Don Shillington, who in turn offered his co-worker and engineering peer, Louis Young, part of the company to come with him.

1992-2000 | Columbia Engineering began experiencing growth by providing civil site design and land planning for Kmart Corporation and other retail developers.  We also began a targeted effort to gain  public sector work to diversify the client base.  Transportation, water resources, and public utility services for local municipal, county, and state governments.

2003 Columbia began providing additional services, performing subdivision design, boundary and topographic surveys, and construction staking.                                                                                                                                         

2013 | Columbia Engineering and Services, Inc. purchased our headquarter facility in Duluth, Georgia and we now enjoy being a contributing community partner.