Columbia works with public and private clients throughout the States of Georgia and Alabama.  Our design philosophy is to utilize a planting palette that emphasizes the economic and artistic implementation of hardy native plants and custom seed mixes to achieve a meaningful and attractive impact from installation through maturity.  Plant types and placement choices must consider visibility to avoid conflicts that put pedestrians or drivers at risk.  Coordination between security lighting and plant placement is important on every project.  On projects with special security needs, such as banks or ATM locations, we plan accordingly to avoid hiding places or dark areas.  Barriers, where needed to keep visitors away from potential hazards, must be integrated into the design without diminishing the users' experience.

Columbia has an ISA® Certified Arborist on staff.  Associated services include: Specimen tree protection specifications and details, tree removal and replacement plans, as well as field inspection and review of tree protection installations and compliance reporting.


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