Columbia Engineering provides on-going support to Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources (DWR) through the review of all as-built hydrology reports and best management practice (BMP) as-built surveys.  Reviews are conducted to confirm that BMPs were built per authorized/permitted plans and that DWR requirements are met. BMP surveys are reviewed for accuracy, completeness,  and to confirm data is consistent between the survey and hydrology report.  Once the as-built hydrology report and survey are authorized by Columbia staff, BMP surveys are forwarded to DWR for field inspection to confirm the survey is representative of field conditions. Columbia staff then determine credits that can be issued for the BMP.  DWR databases are updated with as-built report status and credit determination.

Columbia also provides support to DWR through the review of stormwater variance requests, stormwater easement encroachment requests, and stormwater contractor pre-qualification services. Request for variances and easement encroachments are reviewed to ensure sound engineering and that DWR assets will not be negatively impacted by granting the request.  Pre-qualification of contractors is preformed through the contacting of references.

Services  included: · As-built Hydrology Reports, As-built BMP Survey, Credit Determination, Variance Requests, Easement Encroachments Requests, Contractor Pre-qualification