Columbia’s transportation services include pedestrian and bicycle/multi-use paths, limited access interchange, urban and rural 2-lane minor roadway projects, urban and rural 4-lane, and intersection and signal improvements for state and local government.  Columbia has been a demand services consultant for the Gwinnett County (Georgia) Department of Transportation since 1993, and our state DOT experience includes projects with both the Alabama and Georgia Departments of Transportation.  Columbia has been selected by the Alabama Department of Transportation to provide on-call Transportation Design Services for Cities and Counties and is prequalified with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) for the following area classes:

3.01 Two-lane or Multi-lane Rural Generally Free Access Highway Design
3.02 Two-lane or Multi-lane with Curb and Gutter generally Free Access Highways Design Including Storm Sewers
3.03 Two-lane or Multi-lane Widening and Reconstruction, with Curb & Gutter and Storm Sewers in Heavily Developed Commercial, Industrial and Residential Urban Areas
3.04 Highway Design
3.06 Traffic Operations Studies
3.07 Traffic Operations Design
3.08 Landscape Architecture
3.10 Utility Coordination
3.12 Hydraulic & Hydrological Studies (Roadway)
3.13 Facilities for Bicycles & Pedestrians
5.01 Land Surveying
5.02 Engineering Surveying
5.03 Geodetic Surveying
8.01 Construction Supervision
9.01 Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control and CMP
9.03 Field Inspections for Compliance of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Devices Installations.