Woodward Mill Culvert Improvement, Gwinnett Co., GA

Columbia designed construction plans for a SPLOST funded project that includes over 1 mile of pipe along Woodward Mill Road between Buford Highway and Old Suwanee Road, most of which is new location pipe. The rural roadway has undersized ditches that experience heavy flooding even during smaller rain events.  During large events, the road overtops in several areas and many driveways have been wiped out due to undersized facilities.

Gwinnett County DWR gave Columbia Engineering the task of alleviating the flooding to meet the 100-year level of service and maintain a rural section while also minimizing right-of-way and easement acquisitions in this area which was known as a difficult area to obtain easements. Columbia created a unique design that included increasing capacity for the ditches on both sides of the road while capturing the water in drop inlets at strategic locations along the ditch and carrying the water in pipe systems under the ditches down to the projects outfall.  The project also including upgrading the culvert under Old Suwanee Road to triple the capacity and avoid roadway overtopping.

Columbia completed the survey which included subsurface utility engineering by Wolverton & Associates. Columbia also completed the project design, construction plans, a detour plan approved by Gwinnett County DOT.  The project was permitted through Gwinnett County Planning & Development utilizing the DOT checklist and the plans were approved.  Columbia completed the easement acquisition for this difficult area including acquiring all easements and getting 6 of the 8 easements donated by the homeowners.  A regional detention option was also presented by Columbia in a concept report for this project but was not included in the final design.  Construction is currently scheduled to begin 2nd quarter of 2016 and completed by the end of the year.

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