Jackson Creek System Analysis, Gwinnett Co., GA

Mass planning project which included the survey and data processing for over 7000 storm structures and 5700 conduit structures within the Jackson subbasin in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Data was collected in the field by Wolverton and Associates.  Existing GIS data was utilized initially for crews to pick up information on systems and then edited utilizing ArcMap.  Data was collected on inlets and conduits not included in the existing GIS data.  Editing in ArcMap included placing structures and conduits, flipping pipes as necessary, and identifying structures and inlets still missing from the data or yet to be collected.  Survey crews were dispatched to collect missing information as necessary.  Data was parsed through using database software to determine any data that may be erroneous or missing.  This included creating profiles of pipes using the invert and top elevation along with the GIS contours.

Delineations were created for all inlets receiving water. Those delineations and data were then used to create an existing model for all of Jackson Creek.  Existing levels-of-service were assigned for every conduit along with a solution for upgrading the pipes to achieve a 25 level of service.  Trench calculations were developed for each pipe in order to determine the cost of upgrading the pipe to the proposed size vs. lining the pipe.

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