Columbia provided civil site design for the conversion of 51,836 SF of an existing parking lot to a soccer field for use by Atlanta Academy. The total site consisted of 8.83 acres of developed commercial and institutional land. The commercial component was a former Winn Dixie shopping center which had previously been converted to Atlanta Academy. The existing disturbed site, with an elevation of 966 feet to 975 feet, consisted of one drainage basin which ultimately led to Seven Branch Creek. Once the storm water left the site it drained in two directions: A. through an adjacent retail site via existing pipes and B. into an existing lake shared by an office site which was part of the original master development. The storm water for the new soccer field was designed to drain through two storm cepter water quality units before discharging to the retail site’s storm water management system. Design challenges included revising the storm collection system in the former parking area, addressing the need for additional water quality for the disturbed area of the project and coordination with the existing storm water systems within the master development.

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