Lake Windsor Spillway Rehabilitation, Gwinnett Co., GA Columbia Engineering was the prime consultant for the Lake Windsor Spillway Rehabilitation project, an exempt High-Hazard Dam owned and operated by Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources. The existing gabion spillway channel had eroded th

Emergency Flood Assistance, Gwinnett Co., GA Columbia provided emergency professional assistance during and in the aftermath of the September 21, 2009 flood event. Responsibilities included monitoring 4 Category I NRCS Watershed Dams during the flood event, Emergency Action Plan coordination, flaggi

Rivershyre Stormwater Management Ponds, Gwinnett Co., GA In 2010, Gwinnett County DWR completed renovations to online detention ponds (2A, 2B, and 2C) within Rivershyre subdivision in Lawrenceville. The design for these modifications was completed by previous engineering firm.  The modification to t

Jackson Creek System Analysis, Gwinnett Co., GA Mass planning project which included the survey and data processing for over 7000 storm structures and 5700 conduit structures within the Jackson subbasin in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Data was collected in the field by Wolverton and Associates.  Existi

West Washington Street Sidewalk and Drainage Design, City of Newnan, GA Design consultant for design of approximately 1000’ of sidewalk and storm pipe. Project utilized innovative design, raising the existing edge of pavement and sidewalk to match elevations on the roadway that had been overlaid sev

Woodward Mill Culvert Improvement, Gwinnett Co., GA Columbia designed construction plans for a SPLOST funded project that includes over 1 mile of pipe along Woodward Mill Road between Buford Highway and Old Suwanee Road, most of which is new location pipe. The rural roadway has undersized ditches th

Overbend Trail Culvert Replacement, Gwinnett Co., GA This project included installation of proposed six barrel 10’x12’ RCB which will be the largest culvert installed by Gwinnett County DWR. It also included raising of Overbend Trail by 4’ to carry Level Creek without overtopping for the 100-year st

Gwinnett County, GA Columbia provided construction inspection services for the construction of a new concrete spillway at the Y3 Dam.  The project involved excavating a portion of the dam and constructing a new cast-in-place concrete spillway that includes a labyrinth wall weir designed to accommoda

Britain Woods Sewer Rehab

Britain Woods Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Gwinnett Co., GA Columbia is providing engineering and survey services for a 1,030 linear foot (LF) sanitary sewer upgrade project in the Britain Woods and Sweetwater Oaks Subdivisions for the Gwinnett County Dept. of Water Resources. The existing 8-inch gr

Mohawk Drive Waterline

Mohawk Drive-Cherokee Trail Waterline Replacement Gwinnett Co., GA Columbia is providing engineering and survey services for a 6,000 LF foot waterline replacement project for the Gwinnett County Dept. of Water Resources. This project includes replacing approximately 6,000 LF of 6-inch ACP water main