Columbia client,  MAB American Management, is seeking to invest $15-$20 million dollars into the redevelopment of 4 existing commercial parcels to be combined into one parcel.  The redevelopment will include construction of a shopping center with a 49,098 sq. ft. grocery tenant anchor and 7,200 sq. ft. of retail shop space.  The redevelopment will revitalize the community by:

  • Providing a retail center that will include up to 200 permanent jobs, and 200 construction jobs over the span of the 18-month construction period
  • Cleaning up aged commercial buildings
  • Providing improved property access connections from Russ Avenue and Frazier Street
  • Providing roadway and drainage improvements to Frazier Street
  • Addressing current stormwater issues by providing a stormwater management facility to a property that currently has none
  • Providing new landscaping and pedestrian friendly facilities within the center

The project was recently approved by the Waynesville Planning Board.  Click here to see TV coverage of the Waynesville Planning Board meeting showing our client, John Argo from MAB, and Columbia Engineering Project Manager, Jennifer Losurdo.